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Cosmetic Dentistry in Goa

Enhancing the smile of a patient by altering the size, shape & shade (colour) of teeth that is done by using latest nano composite filling materials which have better strength, high polishability, thus they give fillings that are “LIFE LIKE” & aesthetically pleasing.

cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 1cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 2

Cosmetic Dentistry in Goa:

cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 1cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 2

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Goa

cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 1 cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 2

Cosmetic Dental Enhancements Goa

cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 1cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 2cosmetic dental treatment in goa stage 3

Ceramic veneers & laminates fabricated at ISO certified laboratories in INDIA render high quality workmanship & skill. They use standardized materials that improves the life of a restoration & gives pleasing aesthetics. Metal-free crowns or caps are the most in demand crowns because of their closeness to natural tooth color & transluscency .

All these procedures for restoring & reshaping the teeth takes about 12- 15 days in lab.Those that can be done without lab support take only a couple of appointments..


Teeth Bleaching in Goa

This is the teeth whitening procedure involving use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gels . This procedure is very safe as most of the products used for whitening are time tested & are used the world over without causing any damage to the tooth enamel.

Bleaching dental treatment in goa stage 1Bleaching dental treatment in goa stage 2Bleaching dental treatment in goa stage 3

There is a definite 3 shade jump in the color of the tooth from Dull Yellow to White & can be achieved in 4-5 sitiings provided all instructions by the DENTIST are carefully followed by the patient.

Chemically activated bleaching has long lasting effect as compared those activated with light. The entire bleaching procedure can be completed in a WEEK;s time if done under proper instructions & care .Also such procedures last longer as good as for 02 years.


Implant Dentistry in Goa

This branch of dentistry deals with replacing of missing teeth along with its ROOT that s made of TITANIUM METAL.

These are called titanium implants which are inserted into tha jawbone after proper planning with pre op X-RAYS. With upgraded sterilization procedures including AIR FUMIGATION prior to to implant procedures the success rate has gone up to a great extent.

We have a couple of far more experienced IMPLANTOLOGISTS who are skillful & use more than 20 types of implant systems to suit patients requirement.

Thus, in the capital city of GOA that’s PANAJI we provide INTERNATIONAL STANDARD at an affordable price.


Endodontics in Goa

The branch of dentistry that deals with treating infected & painful teeth .

We,at our dental centre provide you ROOT CANAL TREATMENT with state-of-the-art equipment to minimize your pain & discomfort while treating these teeth.

The most DREADED treatment procedure is made customer–friendly by our expert endodontist using the SOFT HANDS. So,enjoy the ROOT CANAL TREATMENT WITH: