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Services at Our Goa Dental Clinic

Implant Dentistry in Goa

We are well equipped with most of the types of dental implant systems in Goa, that are leading brands the world over. We have the most experienced implantologists whohave been practicing implants for more than a decade. Any complex procedures in this field of dentistry are tackled at our dental centre in Goa.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Goa

In this field of dentistry, the cosmetic changes in teeth namely its size, shape and alignment can be altered to suite patients requirements.

These changes are brought about by way of:

  1. Laminates & Veneers
  2. Ceramic Crowns
  3. Composite retorations
  4. Inlays & Onlays

Thus, by doing so, any single tooth or multiple teeth can be altered for aesthetic (cosmetic) reasons and patient's overall appearance can be cosmetically enhanced. Even the laboratory procedures involved can be finished with a week to about 10 days.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Goa

Involves a complete transformation of ortodental structure to facilitate better function & hetically pleasing smile. The concerned specialist has to his credit 10 years of dental experience & has worked in some of the most prestigious institutions as faculty in the concerned subject. You are in safe hands once you make up your mind to visit us at our dental operatory in Goa & avail of this facility.

Dentures & Gum Care in Goa

Ranging from regular dentures in Goa to implant supported fixed & semi fixed dentures in Goa,w We have all the required expertise & skill for restoring your dental apparatus to your satisfaction .The total gum care as & when recommended is carried out by expert gum surgeon thus correcting the “GUMMY SMILE” & restoring the health of gum tissues to your satisfaction.