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About Us

Dental clinic Panjim Goa

Interdisciplinary Dental Centre Goa is located in the heart of capital city of GOA – Panaji. The Dental Clinic in Goa has over 850 sq.ft. of space with plush interiors & state-of–the-art dental equipment & modern amenities for present day dental care in Panaji, Goa.

We have two fully equipped SURGERY ROOMS for specialist attention & the others for general care & routine procedures.

We render dental care in Goa in all the specialities of Dentistry including IMPLANT DENTISTRY. All the consulting specialists are very experienced & have been practising their respective specialities for more than a decade.

Since inception 22 years back, our aim has been to extend “ETHICALLY CORRECT & CONSCIENTIOUS CARE” to all our patients.

Yes, we do THINK, SEE & BELIEVE all the time about improving the facilities, the sterilisation protocol & to raise the bar of overall dental care of Goa at our dental centre in Panaji. With so many ‘SMILING FACES” & “SATISFIED PATIENTS”,we enjoy the rapport that we share with each one of them & hence feel responsible towards our duty to our patients. YOU are only a call away if you want to experience our expertise and ensure a nice looking set of Teeth.